I’ve been reading some real heavy subject matter books lately, and I’ll admit that this one had me at Bigfoot. Yes, this is exactly what I needed to lighten my minds mood. Then I started to read it and found a girl having to move from San Francisco where,

” the air smells like ocean mixed with car exhaust and the glorious crispy fried egg rolls from Mr. Chin’s restaurant on the corner” to a place where there are “tall pines instead of skyscrapers, dirt instead of sidewalks…”

And then I knew this might not be as light hearted as I hoped. Still a character I could relate to, and so I kept reading. It is set around 1975, and I enjoyed reading a book that is historically accurate from that time period.  Lemonade “Lem” Witt uses the phrase “sadness quicksand, .”” and that is so accurate for how deep grief sometimes feels. Still, there are plenty of light-hearted hijinks as Lem teams up with Tobin, a boy who is investigating Bigfoot sightings and gets hired as his “assistant.” In the end, there is a newly imagined happily ever after for all involved and plenty of cryptozoological adventures.


Hardcover – May 2, 2017

by Melissa Savage (Author)

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