Marty Pants

The publisher is pushing this as a Wimpy Kid reincarnation. I have to confess to only watching one Wimpy Kid movie and never reading any of the books, so I really have no idea. I’ll say that I like Marty- a lot. Like I’d like him to be my kids best friend. No, this isn’t great literature. It isn’t historical and teaches no life lessons beyond the fact that everyone has weirdness in their family tree and seeing it in cartoon form is hilarious.

The simple black and white illustrations are perfect in every way. I too suffer from a condition known as “mind clutter” My kids also use doses of “Dad’s talk of old music” to put them to sleep, so I felt a sort of kinship to Marty and his family. Marty ends up pretty sure that his teacher is going to summon space ships to take over Earth and I laughed out loud so much that now someone else in my family is reading this book and since he is a middle grader now laughing til he cries I’d say it’s a hit. Two thumbs up.

I read a DRC of this book in exchange for an honest review

Marty Pants

Hardcover – May 2, 2017

by Mark Parisi (Author, Illustrator)

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