The Way Things Work Now

The Way Things Work Now

Written By David MacCaulay

Published by: HMH Books for Young Readers; Rev Upd edition (October 4, 2016)

Middle-Grade/YA Non-Fiction

Like all books written by David MacCaulay, this is a great reference book to have on hand. We have owned the previous version for years, and I was happy to see the updates included in this edition. Everything from e-readers to video games controllers and how they work.  All the simple machines are still there, and that only enhances how the new digital items work. There isn’t anything here that couldn’t be found in a simple google search- but that’s true of everything in every kind of reference book these days. Sometimes you just want to have a real book you can pull off the shelves and peruse. This really can’t be beaten if you have visual learners at home and will save you from actually having to take things apart to see the innards. It answers all the How does this work? Questions from kids in a time where we as adults might not know. Technology is moving so fast these days it’s hard to keep up.


I was given a review copy of this book as it was nominated for a non-fiction Cybils Award.

Buy or borrow?  Buy. It’s worth updating from the 98 edition.

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