This Land is Our Land

My first thought about this book was how timely it is. I hope you’ve been talking to your kids about immigration and how this country was founded by people who had been prosecuted in their country of origin. We’re studying American History this year, and I’m so glad that I found this book.

The layout is lovely and the content rich.Textbooks aren’t my style, and this is a great compromise between a straight text and say historical fiction. I’d say Middle grade up through YA (high school) ages will enjoy it. It’s easy to forget that we all came from somewhere else (some politicians could use a reminder about that) and this book walks the reader through our history. I found the narrative to portray our history of racism honestly.

It’s the kind of book that begs for discussion, and that’s why it may be even more appropriate for high school depending on the maturity level of your student.

I was not paid to review this book and borrowed it from the Chicago Public Library.

This Land Is Our Land: A History of American Immigration

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