Cloud and Wallfish

I know you guys are going to stop believing me when I say that “this book” is awesome. I’m a polyamorous reading type- I do love all the books, and there are so many good books that I’m bound to be right some of the time.

I love stories that just throw you into the action. Noah gets picked up from his American school one day by both his parents and a rental car full of luggage. His Mom throws away his math homework and announces that they are going on an “adventure.” Also, they should start practicing their German.

It turns out they are moving behind the Iron Curtain into East Berlin and changing their names. They have tons of new rules to follow, and the story is just a whirlwind of adventure from that point on.

This book is historical fiction set in 1989, and it is all that I’d imagine it to be like if you were there then. My son didn’t know a thing about the Berlin Wall or the Cold War until we read this. The rabbit trails that you can follow from this book are many.  You could pair this with  A Night Divided for a look at the beginning and end of the Wall.


Cloud and Wallfish

by: Anne Nesbet


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