One Good Thing About America

Anaïs writes letters to her beloved grandmother who stayed behind in Africa while Anaïs, her mother, and her younger brother Jean-Claude have come to the States to find safety.  Anais knows only a smattering of English, her family is divided, and she is living in a shelter with her mother and her younger brother. She misses the life she knew back home but her mother is seeking asylum for her whole family.

Anais starts school, learns English, and begins adapting to a different culture where almost everything seems odd. To help adjust to her new life, her grandmother tells her she must find one good thing about America every day. This book contains her her series of letters.

 The two best things about this story are that readers from the US really see how hard it is to assimilate to our culture and that you can’t help but gain empathy for the plight of all immigrants- especially those that simply cannot just go back where they came from. As well as being a real pageturner, this story is a great one one to discuss and ponder. 



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