The Beast of Cretacea

A SciFi YA retelling of Moby Dick, The Beast of Cretacea contains just enough of the main themes that even kids who haven’t read the original will get the gist of this. I enjoyed this cautionary tale of future Earth very much. 17-year-old Ishmael sets off from a dying Earth for life aboard a large fishing trawler on the planet Cretacea. Along with his small, diverse group of nippers, or young crewmen, Ishmael encounters pirates, mysteries about his past, the searches for his foster brother, and into the ultimate adventure of them all: attempting to capture the Great Terrafin. I loved that the crew was both male and female and that the captain was still named Ahab. There is just enough Moby Dick to keep the story linked while still being an original tale on its own. Small spoiler: the ending is not what you would expect.

I only knew Todd Strasser from The Wave and I’m now diving into reading all his books.

We checked this book out from the Chicago Public Library and read it as part of our homeschool Science lessons. I got tipped off to this book on Twitter. Join me over there for more book talk.  

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