When Dimple Met Rishi

Things I liked -the story, all the cultural immersion for me the reader, and the cover- so cute! 
  I wanted to know more about the app development at Insomnia Con because I loved that Dimple was a girl in STEM. We don’t see nearly enough of this and having it in YA is key, as young girls can see their tech dreams as something attainable.

She is the “before” nerd in all those “girl gets a makeover and gets the guy” movies, except that she doesn’t need a makeover to get the guy and she never does set aside her glasses, tame her wild hair or slick on makeup. The message that being yourself is wildly attractive is another great one.

It reads like a smart Rom-Com it was cute and funny- I do wish there was more interaction with their parents. I liked that Dimple loved coding and her motivation behind her project. She’s an excellent example of first generation girls bucking the traditions of their parents and finding their own way.

Note: There is one sex scene that lasts maybe three paragraphs. I thought it was faithful to the character’s story and just wanted to give a heads-up on its existence.

I purchased and read When Dimple Met Rishi to review for this site.  

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