Lint Boy



This is a hard one to write without spoilers, and I think that if you know too much about the plot, it will not be as fun to read. Here is the gist of it:

Lint Boy and his brother Lint Bear live in the dryer as you would expect. There are some socks there, and it is safe and warm. Lint Bear gets taken from the dryer, and Lint Boy goes on an adventure to rescue him.

I feel like the audience of 8-12-year-old readers will enjoy this graphic novel fairy tale. It gets a bit dark as real fairy tales tend to be and has a happy ending. You don’t really i=understand the villain’s motivation from her backstory and that would be my only quibble. We see how she started, but not what drove her to begin this evil quest. I love a good origin story and it’s missing here. I felt like this one was real Gaiman-Esque and if your kids like that kind of story they will enjoy this too.

Lint Boy

Hardcover – June 27, 2017

by Aileen Leijten 

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