Middle Grade Dog Books

We are following a rabbit trail right now that includes so many dogs being heroic. It turns out there is no shortage of canine literature. Why are we reading historical dog fiction? My 11 yo is a little bit dog obsessed right now, so why not mix a high-interest activity with some of the topics I … Continue reading Middle Grade Dog Books

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey Part 2

I've been posting book reviews for close to a year now. First at a free WordPress site, then a paid one and now here at Squarespace (forever I hope). In that time I have gained followers and then lost and gained them back with each move. I've tried during that period to post a review … Continue reading Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey Part 2

York: The Shadow Cipher Book One

Remember how you could completely see yourself in the world of Hogwarts? That's how it is in this book with a sci-fi version of New York City. I was only fifty pages in when I had that sinking feeling. The next book won't be released for a year... I tried to read slowly in the … Continue reading York: The Shadow Cipher Book One

Minecraft: The Island

I loved this first person written story of survival in the Minecraft universe.It was everything I felt the first time I played Minecraft outside creative mode. We were early adopters of Minecraft and played the beta version in the long ago times when there were no guide books or internet cheats to tell you what … Continue reading Minecraft: The Island

One for Sorrow: A Ghost Story

I jumped this ahead in my queue after reading the first four pages. Spooky time infused with history as this is set during the influenza epidemic of 1918. I haven’t read a genuinely scary book for awhile. It’s going to be hard to review this without giving away spoilers. I’ll set the stage, and you … Continue reading One for Sorrow: A Ghost Story

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

I'm missing chatting about our school stuff, so I thought I'd write up some deep thoughts for all of us to ruminate on. If you don't understand the blog post title please watch all of the 1990's SNL and then come back to hear my wise musings.  Years ago, we had a school year where … Continue reading Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey