Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

I’m missing chatting about our school stuff, so I thought I’d write up some deep thoughts for all of us to ruminate on. If you don’t understand the blog post title please watch all of the 1990’s SNL and then come back to hear my wise musings.


Years ago, we had a school year where we worked six weeks on and one week off. Might it have been 2002? Mary was a toddler, and I remember watching Leapfrog and those learning to read videos from Calvert.  I’ll have to ask the big kids if they remember anything about it. Since I’m in this weird position of having just one child to educate I thought we’d try it again. Back then I was exhausted, and now that it seems Grandad will be here with us forever I’m exhausted again.

I think looking forward to a week off might be a nice change for us. 

I sat down with the calendar this morning and mapped out 40 weeks off school. Of those, the first seven are going to be three day weeks. We’re starting back this week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule until the week of Labor Day when we’ll have full five day weeks.

This timetable puts us in the fun position of having his birthday week off in August. A week towards the end of September (perfect for museum trips). Then a week in November when we are going to the San Diego Zoo. Somehow it worked out perfectly for Christmas week off and then a week off in February, March, and May.  

I’m cautiously optimistic that it will work and I know from previous experience that if it doesn’t, we’ll just adjust the plan to something else. That’s the biggest piece of advice I have for new homeschoolers- figure out what method seems feasible and try it. It’s okay to change things up. It’s one of the benefits of taking on the enormous responsibility of educating your children.




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