Minecraft: The Island

I loved this first person written story of survival in the Minecraft universe.
It was everything I felt the first time I played Minecraft outside creative mode. We were early adopters of Minecraft and played the beta version in the long ago times when there were no guide books or internet cheats to tell you what you could and couldn’t eat. Max Brooks takes the reader inside Minecraft where you are right there with him as he discovers how to survive and that eating raw meat in the Minecraft universe is just as gross as in real life. 

In the narrative of the story, the author finds two books that help him on his way; I’m pretty sure that these are the books he referred to: Minecraft: Guide to Exploration and Minecraft: Guide to Redstone due out in October. That kind of product placement annoys me, but in this case made me want to get them as reference books for our next journey into the wilds of Minecraft.

There is a list at the end of the book naming all the things he learned in Minecraft world, and although I read an uncorrected ARC I hope they left my favorite in there:

33. Books make the world bigger. 

Minecraft: The Island By Max Brooks is available today!

Also, there are TWO versions available on Audible one narrated by Jack Black and one by Samira Wiley!! Good thing we have credits just waiting for this.

July 18, 2017

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