Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey Part 2

I’ve been posting book reviews for close to a year now. First at a free WordPress site, then a paid one and now here at Squarespace (forever I hope). In that time I have gained followers and then lost and gained them back with each move. I’ve tried during that period to post a review five days a week. Last Fall I was posting daily. It’s easy for me, and it is a fun hobby. I’m reading anyway, why not tell the world about books you may not find on your own?

The thing is I’ve found that as I became completely current in the MG/YA new release schedule, I’ve been reading books because they are “new” and not because they strike me as something that I want to know or that we’ll use in our homeschool. 

This past week I’ve got five book reviews up of books that I love. As in, I want to buy them for everyone I know. Those reviews are easy and fun to write. It occurred to me that there are no blog police and I can be choosy about what I review. So, this all boils down to me saying that there may or may not be five new reviews each week, but I do promise that the ones that are here are the best of what I’ve read. I do rate and review over on Goodreads so if you are wondering what I thought of something not here that’s a good place to start. Also, many times my review is up there long before it gets posted here. Or hit me up on Twitter where I talk books, Chicago politics, and cats.

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