Monsters Unleashed

Now I want to read The Zombie Chasers. So expect that review at some point. Anyhow, this book is about monsters, and it’s a proven fact that middle school kids love monsters. This book is mind candy of the best sort and is just what we needed around here.
I want to tell you enough so that you’ll read it, but not too much to spoil it.

Here’s the elevator pitch version: Manny and Freddie are making a monster movie and sketch up some monsters. They want to use the school’s 3D printer, but their teacher tells them that it doesn’t work and needs to be sent back. They decide to try it out anyway. Their plastic printed monsters come to life and grow at a fantastic rate and proceed to terrorize their school. Since the monsters are modeled after their fellow students, they figure out they know enough about each one to defeat it.

It is laughing out loud funny with great illustrations and the best part is that it is very possible that this may be the beginning of a series.
I read a DRC from Edelweiss above the treeline in exchange for an honest review.

Monsters Unleashed
by: John Kloepfer

July 25, 2017

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