The Movie Making Book: Skills and Projects to Learn and Share

We just started getting into this book. We gave it a quick read through in June, and then we had company, got sick, recovered and are now back at it. I’m hoping to use this as an actual course for the next semester. I always like to have some techy kind of class going. Last year, we learned Python and did some Java programming in our Minecraft game. Declan just got an iPod so that he could listen to music while he mows the lawn and so this book turning up was perfect timing. This book gives you instruction in making movies with your phone, tablet or video camera. Chances are you have something around the house that will work.

It covers the basic shots like close-ups, high and low angles and tracking. My plan is to cover all the basics in the first month on a 2 day a week schedule and then let him loose creating as many projects as he can for the rest of the semester.

The special effects tricks were what we skipped over to read. Learning to make things disappear was high on the interest list. Included are all the technical skills that you’d need to know as a beginning filmmaker.

 There are fourteen advanced projects—including making your own talk show, superhero movie, video greeting card, and spy movie that make this book a semester (at least) worthy elective for our school year. I’ll post some of the finished projects as updates as we start into our school year.

The Movie Making Book: Skills and Projects to Learn and Share by Donna Bamford and Dan Farrell

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