Middle Grade Dog Books

We are following a rabbit trail right now that includes so many dogs being heroic. It turns out there is no shortage of canine literature. 

Why are we reading historical dog fiction? My 11 yo is a little bit dog obsessed right now, so why not mix a high-interest activity with some of the topics I planned to use for school this year anyway?  (Disclaimer: Long time readers may remember a similar post from a couple of years ago, and we didn’t get to all of these, so we are finishing up now that we bought a dog of our own.) Brag alert: Isn’t she adorable!



 This is our starting point. I specifically didn’t include books like Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that we’ve already watched the movies, and number two is that they are just somber. I’m hoping that these will have more of a balance between reality and a crushing, depressing plot.

The Captain’s Dog works in perfectly with our study of American history this Fall in our first trimester. Tornado is also set in the US and will fold in with our Earth Science/Weather unit that we are working on right now. Love that Dog is a book of poetry. I read through it quickly in one sitting and am excited to use it as an intro to our poetry studies.

Finding and Saving Zasha are set during World War 2 and Cracker is set during the Vietnam War As a bonus  Love that Dog and Cracker are also on the Brave Writer  Single Issue Arrow List. That is just an extra bonus for me. I’m lazy enough to like having copy work already selected.  I don’t get any kickback from BraveWriter; I’m just a big fan.

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