Notes From The Upside Down

You should have seen how fast I pushed aside my ancient history lesson plans when this title popped up on my download list. I had hoped to get it read as a DRC and was not above the shameless begging that apparently works for me.

I think that Stranger Things is almost the best thing Netflix has ever created and a book detailing it was almost too good to be true. Guy Adams surpassed even my wildest expectations. He analyzes every single character seen on screen. The breakdown of every single episode is both insightful and fun. He even lists the Honourable Strangers who are the minor roles we see from ‘Elevator Scientist,’ the first victim of the Upside Down on until the end of season one. You know the song Lonnie and Cynthia are listening to at one point? No. Guy does. He’s found the bandcamp page for them too.

There are an enormous amount of footnotes, and I guess he must have watched each episode dozens of times. If you need a book to occupy your thoughts until season two premiers this will keep you busy.

Notes From The Upside Down By Guy Adams August 29, 2017

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