I’ve watched some episodes of Catfish because I love my daughter and she likes that show. I always end up wanting to shake these people by the shoulders and scream- Wake Up! If you haven’t had a visual sighting after years of contact, there is something wrong. End of reality show rant.

In this book, Joss Wyatt is a teenage girl in Arizona who adopts a few internet personas in an attempt not to be bored with her real life. I’ve already mentioned Catfish so you may have guessed what will happen next. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t sometimes wish they had a different life. Not one that is better or worse just different. Joss creates Rosie who can do the things Joss is afraid to do, and Joss crafts these lies to cope with the messiness of the world around her. This book is very YA- at our house, I’d say 16 plus, and I don’t usually rate books that high. I enjoyed it with the age caveats just because I don’t want to get into all the discussions that this brings up with younger kids. My 18yo daughter and her friends are happily passing it around now.

I don’t want to give too much plot away as I liked the way it all played out and that Joss got some help learning some healthier coping strategies.



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