Greenglass House and Ghosts of Greenglass House

I’m giving you a twofer. I got myself a copy of Ghosts of Greenglass House, and when I saw that it was a sequel, I carved out some time to read them in order. It works out great. You can read Greenglass House now and in a couple of weeks get the sequel without that usual annoying one year or longer wait. How do I know you’ll want to read them both?

“Nobody said it had to be a story with an ending all neatly tied up like some ridiculous fairy tale. This story’s true, and true stories don’t have endings because things just keep going.” 
― Kate MilfordGreenglass House

So- Greenglass House is a hotel run by Milo and his adoptive parents. It’s the kind of big old house with alcoves, maps, and secrets. It’s Christmas break as the story begins and Milo is looking forward to some downtime. They have no guests booked at all. Until suddenly, people start showing up, and Milo’s parents call the staff back to help out for awhile.

The cook’s daughter Meddy proposes a Role Playing Game set in the house. Milo takes on the new identity of Negret, inventing a background that is unlike his own. Meddy becomes Sirin, and the two explore the wonderfully quirky house. Milo finds a map, and they end up searching for two missing guests all while learning more about the history of the house.

In Ghosts of Greenglass House,  Milo is back, it’s the next Christmas break, and there’s new people with new mysteries to unravel–plus some old friends. I loved being back in this world again. These are both long books full of atmosphere. This one tops out at 464 pages. That’s one of the things I love about both of them. When the setting is right you just want to sit there as the reader eavesdropping on their story.




Greenglass House and Ghosts of Greenglass House By Kate Milford

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