Poison: Deadly Deeds, Perilous Professions, Murderous Medicines

The week I started reading this we binge read it and called it Science and History for the three days that I read aloud. Why did I push aside our carefully chosen history and science texts?

It’s that good. First off for those homeschoolers who study history according to the Trivium this book is already divided by time. The Ancients to Modern 21st Century all get their chance to shine- Poison wise.

 Everything from murdering your family to take the throne, to jobs that poisoned you unintentionally are covered.  It is a well-researched historical look at everything one could ever wonder about poisons- with the perfect amount of details and “snippets” to keep readers entertained.

If you are self-disciplined you could:

1. Save it and read it alongside your history book according to the period that you are studying. 

2. Read this as part of a human body study/health class. 

3. Read this in the context of a Criminology/CSI Study.   

4. Read it at bedtime and play amateur detective with every historical figures death that you can remember.


I bought this one and was going to host a giveaway for it- but we liked it too much for that. You can get it from your library or at this Amazon link:

Poison: Deadly Deeds, Perilous Professions, Murderous Medicines By Sarah Albee

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