Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

This is by far one of the best historical fiction novels I have had the pleasure of reading. Lee has an indisputable gift for not only pulling you into a story but never letting you go. I applaud her for this beautiful book, one page I was laughing, the next I was biting my nails nervous for what was to happen next. These are some of my new favorite characters and a slow burn romance that will not soon be forgotten. Gentleman’s Guide features a bisexual main character, a black, gay main character with epilepsy and an asexual female main character. 

 TGGTVAV is dangerously witty, very much hilarious, and ultimately full of heart. The research that went into this book showed clearly through Monty and Percy’s romp across Europe. Not only a delight but also a heartfelt look at how aspects of sexuality have changed over time and how other areas have stayed the same. Monty is a character you adore while wanting to strangle and at the same time his narrative voice is so sharp and pitch-perfect that the reader finds themselves falling in love with Percy right along with him. Utterly charming and very likely to become a YA classic. The best part is that a sequel is already in the works narrated by Felicity!

Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue By Mackenzi Lee

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