Alexander Hamilton Revolutionary

This is a history book- I was hoping it would be a history book that read like historical fiction. Nope. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, but it took me a little bit longer than usual to get into the “story” which of course, is history. 

If your teens are fans of Hamilton the Musical or have read Chernow’s book, this will be a miss as there is nothing new in here. But, if Chernow’s book is too heavy this is an excellent overview of Hamilton’s life. I loved all the primary sources, and as a nonfiction history book, it is fantastic. The maps and illustrations brought the text to life, and there was plenty that I didn’t know about Hamilton. I loved the mini-guides at the back of the book of finances, government, rules for duels, major battles of the Revolutionary War, and more. There’s a timeline of Hamilton’s life, as well as a short passage on what happened to Burr once he’d killed Hamilton.  This book is YA, so the author didn’t hold anything back when it comes to Hamilton’s colorful personal life. 

Alexander Hamilton Revolutionary By Martha Brockenbrough

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