Krampus and the Thief of Christmas

I’m a big fan of Kindle Unlimited. Sure, sometimes you get some duds- but mostly I’ve had excellent luck finding hidden gems. This story was one of the good ones. I love this dark Christmas tale. It’s about a girl who is enlisted by Krampus to steal the key to Christmas to save her brother.

I love all of it especially the secondary characters, the elves and the trolls, the Christmas Cat and the snowmen. So much fun! Krampus and Father Christmas are both described with such depth, neither taking on their definitive ‘good guy/bad guy’ roles.  Krampus was very likable, and I loved how he and Santa worked together after remembering that to have a light you must also have dark. The balance between the two was excellent, and I loved the realness Black showed in both getting a little tired of their duties. Sometimes even if you love your job, work still feels like work! 

All in all a big hit with us.

Krampus and the Thief of Christmas By Eldritch Black