Kindle Oasis Review

I’ve had my new Kindle Oasis for approximately one week. So far I’m a big fan. After the opening the box and heading over to the manage my device page at Amazon I giggled a bit at Jennifer’s seventh Kindle. We’re a big family of readers. Here is our Kindle history:

1. The original Kindle- I loved carrying all those books around digitally! I had that one until it fell off a shelf and suffered a broken screen.

2. Kindle Paperwhite- I ended up giving it to kid #2 soon after getting it so he could read at the job site.

3. Kindle Fire HDX- I could download movies and books one device? Yes, please. Ended up passing that one on to Kid #5 so he would have entertainment in the car while we commuted up North.

4. Kindle Fire 4 and 5 belong to Kids #1 and #3.

5. Kindle Fire 6- my current Kindle up to this morning. It’s about two years old, and the battery just isn’t lasting all day when I’m out and about. It’s heavy too- I have some herniated discs that do not like me carrying anything of any weight around. 

I had some birthday money (Thanks, Mom!) combined with an Amazon credit that made this luxurious Oasis a possibility. 

First impressions:

This Oasis is so light and thin.  I know that they all are- the tech for reading is much lighter than the tech needed for the Fire. I can easily carry this with me all the time. The fact that it’s waterproof makes that even more possible. I did order a screen protector because I’m worried that I’ll scratch it when I put it in my bag. Do you need an Oasis vs. a Paperwhite? Obviously, no. Two features made me cough up the extra dough:

The lighting adjusts as your eyes get used to the dark and that as it turns out is excellent. Also, I like the button on the right side for turning pages rather than the touchscreen. My hand rests naturally, and the Oasis is so light that my hand doesn’t get tired. 

Would I buy one for my kids- No.

Am I happy I bought it? Yes. Goodreads says I’ve read almost 200 books this year so I look at it as a tool for my book review hobby. 

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