Escape from Aleppo

Oh, my heart. Aleppo and all of Syria has faded from the US newscasts, and that is bordering on criminal when you dive into the situation there. 

Nadia and her family live in an Aleppo and are attempting to leave the country as the war near them escalates. As they are going Nadia is frozen in anxiety and fear as she sees the helicopters approaching and gets trapped as her building gets blown up around her. Her family hopes that she is just stuck in the rubble and moves on for the safety of the group. They leave a note for her at their designated meeting place with further directions of how she can meet up with them.

The story flashes back just a few years and gives the reader glimpses into the fact that Nadia and her family are just like Americans. They have Facebook and Twitter where they monitor current events and try to make sense of what is happening around them. Nadia has a great birthday party and watches Arab Idol. Flash forward to the present and Nadia is forced to make her way across a war zone with the help of an old, ill man and two boys that she meets along the way. Although they are in constant danger they are resourceful and there is a happy ending.


I received a DRC from the publisher (through NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review.

Verdict- Buy (I’ve already pre-ordered) 

Escape from Aleppo By N.H. Senzai

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