How to Stop Time

This story will probably be my last completed read of 2017, and I couldn’t ask for a better send off to a year of reading. 

Tom Hazard, is 479 years old and is affected by an almost non-existent rate of aging. Jumping between centuries, back and then forward again, the story explores human nature, the lessons we learn from history (apparently, none), and the ultimate purpose of existence. A great read, whether or not you are a history buff!

Older teens will enjoy this too. Matt Haig is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. It’s going to be a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and I can tell you that it is a case of perfect casting. (I’m glad I didn’t know that while reading or I would have read the entire thing in his voice!)

Verdict- Buy

Thanks to Edelweiss + For the review DRC.

How to Stop Time By Matt Haig

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