Two Truths and a Lie: It’s Alive- Cybils MG Nonfiction Winner!!

The unique concept of this book will encourage readers to think for themselves, research, and question their sources to differentiate fact from fiction.The playful format is engaging and the idea of challenging readers to find the answers for themselves is both novel and admirable. In this age of “fake news,” it is more important than ever to provide kids with ways to practice their critical thinking skills. Divided into three parts (plants, animals, and human) there are three stories: two are true and one is a made up lie. The text can be used well one on one or in a group where an extensive debate is possible in determining which story is untrue. The answers and an extensive bibliography make learning research and fact-checking skills simple and fun. The varied subject matter demonstrates to children that facts can be skewed in any area. 

I read each section aloud and then we debated about what might be fake, looked at the images closely and after we came to a consensus looked at the answer. Research and fact-checking skills are an essential skill, and this book presents them in such an entertaining way it is a pleasure to read.

Verdict- Buy.

If I gave stars in reviews, this would receive all of them.

I read this book as a second round judge for the Cybils Awards Middle-Grade Nonfiction Awards and promptly purchased a copy. The best news is that there is a sequel that will be out this Summer!

Two Truths and a Lie: It’s Alive By Ammi Joan Paquette and Lauri Ann Thompson

If you liked the book Who Wins? you’ll love this book also. It works as a read aloud for one student or many.

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