The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray

Hmmm. It's hard to know where, to begin with, this book. It's marked MG, but many, many parts seemed more YA to me. I wouldn't hand it to a kid under the age of 12. If it were a movie it would be PG13 if that gives you any context. It depends on your kid, … Continue reading The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray

Evangeline of the Bayou,aps,185&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=vikiacad-20&linkId=e36fb7936eb69489aa92e37ee9670d7a&language=en_US Fun fact: I knew maybe 22 pages in that I'd give this four stars. I wasn't wrong. Evangeline and the world of the Bayou are enchanting. I hesitate to compare it to a Riordan story, but in a way, its a story like that. Evangeline is waiting on her haunt huntress powers to show … Continue reading Evangeline of the Bayou