The Boy From Tomorrow

This book is another fun Freaky Friday/ time travel story. Alec and Josie live in the same house 100 years apart in time (1915 and 2015). They connect using a toy game board. I’m a fan of magical sci-fi mysteries, so this was right up my alley. It was just suspenseful enough and not at all predictable plot wise which is always great in a middle-grade novel.

When Alec moves into 444 Sparrow Street, it’s old and rundown and is a promise of a new beginning with his parents recently divorced. Like all old buildings, he expects it to have its secrets, and he finds one hiding in a drawer: a handmade talking board with angels in each corner. At first, it seems like a fun game to play during a sleepover—until he realizes the entities they’re speaking to aren’t ghosts but people. A hundred years ago, in the same house, Josie is no stranger to talking to spirits. In fact, her mother makes a living doing just that. What she hasn’t heard of, however, is speaking to a person who’s very much alive but in a different time. For Josie, the future is a scary prospect. Her mother keeps her locked up tight in the house, and the future means freedom, as well as uncertainty. Worse than that, it feels so far away. For Alec, the past is terrifying, because he knows, logically, that his new friend is already dead in his timeline. But the way he always wants to remember her is the way she appears in their shared house: vibrant, uncertain, and very much alive.  Trapped within the confines of a house with no friends and an abusive mother, the future seems bleak—except when she speaks to Alec, of course. He makes the future sound wonderful. If only she can survive her current situation. There’s such a tone of hope, and the friendship between them builds naturally and is just so sweet.

I didn’t have time to read this aloud before writing the review, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with my 12yo. We’re both currently obsessed with the show Timeless and this is right up that alley.

Verdict- Buy (I already pre-ordered it!)

The Boy From Tomorrow By Camille Deangelis May 2018


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