May the 4th Be With You

For the small human Star Wars fans in your life the only thing better than watching Star Wars for school time would be using Star Wars workbooks during school time. If that’s the case in your house and you are winding down your school year or looking for something to use all Summer for school-lite these may work for your early elementary age kids. 

I don’t know many 9 to 11-year-olds that wouldn’t want to do math when the problems say:

Imagine a group of 7 Jedi can lift seven times as much mass as one Jedi alone. If one Jedi can lift 80 kilograms How many kilograms can 7 Jedi lift?

Or what if these were your Spelling words?  

Hermit, Council, Alliance, Magnetic, Government, Corruption, Fatal, Fugitive


This series might be an excellent alternative to Workman’s other excellent Summer Bridge Workbooks. I’ll have a review up about those books next week. Twelve Star Wars workbooks have been released from pre-school through second grade, three books per grade level, all completely Star Wars themed. My kids have aged out of these books, and I wish they had been around for them at the height of their Star Wars fandom. The phonics books are pretty much dead on for grade level phonics with recognizable Star Wars creatures. The math books contain color by numbers, mazes, and other fun activities, all surrounding the Star Wars movie characters. The writing workbooks encourage writing by teaching how to write favorite character names, such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Really if your kid is obsessed you can capitalize on their enthusiasim and they won’t mind reviewing while school is out.

See the Star Wars workbooks here on Amazon.

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