The Storm Runner In full disclosure, I'm pretty psyched about the new Rick Riordan imprint series of world mythology for middle-grade readers. This one not only has Mayan mythology (which I was searching for last year when we were studying them) but also homeschooling (due to bullying, which is actually which is a nice nod to normalizing … Continue reading The Storm Runner

The Good Demon The prose in this novel was so descriptive that I not only read it one sitting, but I felt as if I were transported into the book. This is a classic horror story with a twist. The writing is evocative of either Neil Gaiman or Stephen King. Kind of YA homage to both I … Continue reading The Good Demon

The Benefits of Being An Octopus,aps,152&sr=8-3&linkCode=ll1&tag=vikiacad-20&linkId=de5bb189a5ac1123a02419e332199c56&language=en_US Zoey is one of those girls who tries to blend in at school and go unnoticed. She doesn't have time for regular 7th-grade stuff likes clubs and stuff like that. She barely has time for homework as she takes care of her three younger siblings while her Mom works. They live in a trailer … Continue reading The Benefits of Being An Octopus

Finding Esme,aps,158&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=vikiacad-20&linkId=b2598cfc51dd8541f8a13e0b422a0ffd&language=en_US Since I've been back in the kid lit reading saddle I've been reading all tearjerkers. I need to consciously seek out a happy book this week. Not that this isn't a good book- it is. I've just been crying a little over my kindle all week. Anyhow, here goes- I really liked Esme, I … Continue reading Finding Esme