The Lotterys More or Less

This story features a cast of characters that could be labeled the liberal cheaper by the dozen family.
Sumac Lottery is the fifth of seven siblings who share their big house with four parents, grandfather, and five pets.

As with all large families, there is always something happening. A big storm knocks out the power, and several family members aren’t able to fly home. Add in their grandfather with dementia, and you’ve got a lot of side plots in this story.
Honestly, I had a hard time keeping track of who’s who. This is the second book in the series about The Lottery family and maybe if I had read the first one I would have been less confused.

That said, I think kids need books like these. Whether they are members of an all-white hetero family or a family with a different spin on things, the author didn’t make up any of these characters.

I would for sure include this on any We need Diverse books lists.

The Lotterys More or Less by Emma Donoghue

October 9, 2018

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