Creepy vibes to the WW2 extreme in this original dystopian YA story. “Addie” is a teenage soccer player in Reichfield which is an all-white suburb in the middle of nowhere USA. The soccer team often plays the next town over whose players are ethnically diverse. Addie and his friends were all raised to be white … Continue reading Blitzball

Children of Jubilee

I squealed when I opened the envelope containing this book. Then I put it aside and went back to read the end of book two, Children of Refuge. I wanted to get my mind right back into the story. This book proved to be a twisty ending to this trilogy (Children of Exile series), the … Continue reading Children of Jubilee

Dragon Pearl

Mix Science Fiction with Korean mythology and you get the Dragon Pearl. Thirteen year old Min sneaks away from her home world to investigate her older brother’s disappearance and supposed desertion from the Space Forces. She is also a fox with special powers. Most of the people in this universe have different abilities and appear … Continue reading Dragon Pearl

The Prophet Calls The Prophet Calls is a story about a polygamist cult in New Mexico. It is a middle grade book and approaches all that you can imagine would be involved in that lifestyle with a middle grade lens. It is a page turner, the action never stops and several times I got pretty worried for … Continue reading The Prophet Calls

Monster’s of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files If you or someone you know is an X-Files fan this is the best. Every episode is broken down to discuss all the details. It’s like binge watching the series with a couple friends where you pause and discuss all the best parts. For the most part you get a bunch of inside info … Continue reading Monster’s of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files