The Bigfoot Files

If you’ve read my prior reviews you’ll already know that when I see that the subject of a plot is Bigfoot then I am diving in with gusto.

This turned out to be one of my favorite middle grades reads this year. I thought it would just be about a girl and her Mom searching for Bigfoot and that would be enough for me. Instead, it was so much more. I mean there was lots of Bigfoot and associated creatures, but at its heart, this is a story about a family with some issues.

Miranda Cho is an organized high achiever. In school, she gets good grades and is active in school government. She is also highly stressed out and has a habit of pulling her hair out piece by piece. Her Mom is a cryptozoologist with no job and a blog. Miranda thinks they couldn’t be more opposite. She used to believe and even enjoy going on these trips with her Mom, but as she grew up, she became less enthused and more practical.

If you like watching Survivorman and Bear Grylls, you’ll love the middle section of the story where they actually hunt Bigfoot and get a little lost. Spoiler alert: there are even fairies in those woods!

All in all, I think middle-grade readers who come for the Bigfoot portion will be touched by the family dynamics and maybe see a bit of themselves in Miranda as she learns more about her family and their past.

The Bigfoot Files by Linda Eager

September 19, 2018

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