Multiplication Facts That Stick

This is not a paid review, I bought this book with my own monies in a desperate attempt to get those few pesky unlearned facts in my now 13 year-old’s head.

Spoiler- it worked!

Although my son loves math and does complicated figuring in his head (not unlike Matilda) he has managed to limp his way through math without having all the facts memorized. In my defense, he skip counts with the best of them and gets great grades in math, he just isn’t as quick with the recall as I think he should be going into algebra next year.

This was a 3 am impulse purchase. I had one of those nights where I inexplicably was wide awake and started obsessing about imagined flaws in our school schedule.

I thought that we’d breeze through the first few weeks and was surprised at how fun and effective the games and worksheets were. So I didn’t consolidate or combine anything and we went “by the book”. This isn’t the first learn facts fast book that I’ve come across in the last seventeen years of homeschooling, but it is the best and it works.

Each week is a combination of worksheets and games that reinforce the facts that you are working on that week. You don’t need much that you wouldn’t already have around the house. We did buy a new deck of cards, but I had the other stuff.

Just my honest, unsolicited review.

Multiplication Facts That Stick by Kate Snow

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