Creepy vibes to the WW2 extreme in this original dystopian YA story. “Addie” is a teenage soccer player in Reichfield which is an all-white suburb in the middle of nowhere USA. The soccer team often plays the next town over whose players are ethnically diverse. Addie and his friends were all raised to be white supremacists.

There are some issues, and it turns out that Addie is a genetic clone of Adolf Hitler and he lives in a Truman Show situation. Addie isn’t all bad, but he is no saint. It’s an exciting premise and not for the younger end of the YA audience. I would say high school and up.

So, besides the mature themes who else will like this?

World War 2 buffs, kids who love to think about all that kind be done with DNA, soccer players, kids who know German (lots of German swearing in this)

My only complaints are some seriously dark moments which I think are necessary but hard to read and the fact that it took so long for Addie to figure out what was going on. To balance that I’d say that in spite of all that there were many dark laugh out loud situations.

Blitzball by Barton Ludwig

November 12, 2018

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