Never Home Alone This book is perfect for anyone high school age on up who have an interest in weird biology. Everything from Toxoplasma gondii which we already all try to ignore to the many, many little critters that we can't see and I'm all skeeved out by now. The microbes that live in hot water heaters … Continue reading Never Home Alone

This Mortal Coil I’ve got some YA dystopia for you today. The Hydra Virus in this story is hands down the grossest most hardcore method of mass extinction ever. It’s not a spoiler to tell you that people explode and then float around in a giant death cloud, is it? I hope not, cause now you know. … Continue reading This Mortal Coil

All the Walls of Belfast

This book won’t be published until March 2019, but I wanted to give you all a chance to use some of your holiday pre-order funds for some worth waiting for delayed gratification. The easiest, laziest way to describe this story would be to say it’s an Irish West Side Story. This story is much more … Continue reading All the Walls of Belfast

City of Ghosts After Cassidy falls into a river, she starts seeing Jacob (who no one else can see), and it turns out she had a “near death” experience that would have been a sure death experience if (already dead) Jacob hadn’t saved her. Cassie finds out pretty quickly that she can cross back and forth through … Continue reading City of Ghosts

Dreyer’s English You might be a grammar geek if you chuckle at the cover of this book. It sets the tone perfectly. What if you aren’t a grammar geek and want to improve your writing? This book works for you as well. So funny that you won’t want to skip even the footnotes. I read it … Continue reading Dreyer’s English

If You’re Out There

Is Zan being “ghosted” by her best friend, Priya? That is the question that you as the reader will struggle with throughout this story, Priya moved out to California and seemed happy on Instagram but has close to zero contact with anyone that she used to know. Zan’s parents think that Priya may be re-inventing … Continue reading If You’re Out There