All the Walls of Belfast

This book won’t be published until March 2019, but I wanted to give you all a chance to use some of your holiday pre-order funds for some worth waiting for delayed gratification.

The easiest, laziest way to describe this story would be to say it’s an Irish West Side Story.

This story is much more history than teen drama and would be an excellent introduction for teens who may not know the history of Northern Ireland.

 Fiona and Danny were born at the same hospital, but Fiona’s Mom takes her to Michigan when she is two years old to save her living in what was then war-torn Belfast. When Fiona returns to stay with her Dad, she is sixteen years old. She slowly uncovers why her Mom took her so far away and had to come to terms with her family’s past.

Danny, on the other hand, has grown up in Belfast with a less than desirable home life. His struggles to forgive and live his life differently resonated with me. He knows why he and Fiona’s family are on different sides and I thought that the characters reactions to things were spot on considering the reality of their lives.

All the Walls of Belfast by Sarah Carlson

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