Never Home Alone

This book is perfect for anyone high school age on up who have an interest in weird biology. Everything from Toxoplasma gondii which we already all try to ignore to the many, many little critters that we can’t see and I’m all skeeved out by now.

The microbes that live in hot water heaters and shower heads are particularly worrisome to me. I also enjoyed the chapter on the International Space Station. It is so exciting how most of the microbes caught a ride up there in the astronauts gut. You know, in a weird geeky way.

As a serial renovator the sections on moldy drywall were especially pertinent to me.

I’m planning on including parts of this book when my kid gets to high school Biology.

Caveat: Skip this if you or your kids are easily creeped out by the microscopic. I’d hate to see anyone facing a kid who won’t shower or touch the walls. 🙂

My thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy.

Never Home Alone by Rob Dunn

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