Steam Punk imported from Britain! My anglophiles are delighted. The three book series is already available in Europe, but its all new for us here in the States. I was charmed from cover to cover and I think that kids who enjoy Victorian London will be too.

You’ll have to be patient as the first half of the book is setting up the rest and I wasn’t sure where the plot was heading at all. Stay with it though. Its worth it to get to experience of the steam powered ships and people called “Hybrids” (half-mechanical, half-human people). Malkin the mechanical fox was my favorite character.

There is no shortage of adventure and bad guys to keep the reader intrigued. The mirror-eyed men had me a bit scared as I read late at night.

The world building was amazing and I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series.

(Hint, hint Jolly Fish Press!)

Cogheart by Peter Buzl

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