Beep and Bob Book Series

Please note that I received a free advance ARC of this book from the publisher without a review requirement or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review. Apart from that, I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

From the publisher: Astro Elementary is a school near Saturn attended by the bravest, brightest, most elite kids in the galaxy…and Bob. Bob never wanted to go to fourth grade in dark, dangerous space. He even tried to fail the admissions test by bubbling in “C” for every answer—and turned out to be the only kid on Earth to get a perfect score!

From me: Bob is the funniest kid. After he meets Beep things really pick up for him and they go on to have some pretty great adventures. The trip on the intergalactic Titanic in book 2 was my favorite as Bob tries to remember where he had heard that name before… He reads a historical comic to remind himself about the first Titanic just before history repeats itself.

In book three, Bob finds out there is no Halloween in space, there are quite a few math cliques, and then aliens invade to steal their sugar.

Book four includes Bob getting a duplicator which he ends up using in some hilarious ways. All the books include real science facts mixed in with the comedy. They are well written and hit their target audience (and above!) in the funny bone.

Perfect for new to chapter book readers we read through all four books in two days. All the books are available separately now, I linked to the box set which comes out soon.

This stellar boxed set includes:
Too Much Space!
Party Crashers
Take Us to Your Sugar
Double Trouble

Beep and Book Book Series by Jonathan Roth

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