Scythe (Arc of a Scythe)

I don’t know why I waited so long to read this. The benefit, of course, is that the sequel is out and I could go from one book to the next. I bought the book on Audible during Christmas break and hadn’t got to it yet, and then bought it on Kindle to read this week. I’m now very close to ordering the paperback for our family loan out shelf. So, do I like it?


In a perfect world with no conflict, a world where death is reversible, there must be some way to keep the population under control. In this Giver like a dystopian world, some people must die, and a Scythe chooses them.

You can become deadish and are taken to a revival center where you are healed. A Scythe can also kill you. Usually, Scythes choose people who statistically died from something that you may have survived. You cannot resist a Scythe, and if you do, your whole family will be killed as well. Generally, each Scythe takes responsibility seriously and uses an appropriate quick method of death.

Scythes are chosen and apprenticed to ensure that they are suited for the job, but the good ones don’t want the job. After they go through training most achieve an understanding of why the role is so important.

There were multiple twists to the story, and I only suspected one of them.

Two thumbs up from me.

Scythe (Arc of a Scythe) by Neal Shusterman

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