My Disney Tell-All Binge Review

I had some surgery at the end of January, and since I couldn’t do much other than reading in tiny doses, I started perusing all the Kindle Unlimited titles. I don’t even remember how my searching led to the Earns Her Ears Series.
They were free and although they ranged in writing quality I couldn’t seem to stop. I blame the pain killers. At least one my click scenario didn’t play out. (I had been pretty nervous I’d be one-clicking all the things while not in my right mind. Rush has excellent WIFI, so it was a possibility.)

I proceeded to read all of them. I remember very little of each girl’s details; however, I’ll share what I do know as a public service and because these are my actual kindle notes and I crack myself up.

Admittedly as a giant Disney fangirl, I was aware that they had an internship program, but it wasn’t something that I thought about much. That all changed as I read how Samantha, Ema, Sara, Brittany, Devin, Katie and finally Amber all Earned Their Ears as Disney College Interns.
That adds up to a lot of complaining and drama. It also sounded like a blast to me. If Disney has any sense, they would have another program for Moms who want to work at Disney for like two weeks, soak up the magic and then go home again.
I don’t watch The Bachelor or Survivor, or The Kardashians (they have a show- right?)
This is my version of a reality show.

  1. It’s set in my Happy Place, I’m almost as familiar with the geography as I am with Chicago.
  2. You get the inside scoop of the day to day details like uniforms and lunch breaks. ( I would be eating mini corn dogs every day if I worked there. And a churro.)
  3. Reading about the housing situation made my own 20 something-year-old kids look like better tenants than they are.
  4. Disney! Loosely quoting one book- You don’t have to love Florida to love Disney. #truth

After that, I branched out into independent reads like:

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale: Sisters attend the DCP together and were alternately happy/not happy about it. Honestly, that’s all I wrote. I’m pretty sure this one had lots of roommates drama too.

Of Mouse and Men: Confessions of a Disney Character: A super funny memoir of a straight guy working in the not so straight world of Disney shows and character performances. That wasn’t the actual focus of the book but it is featured in the many anecdotes that left me laughing out loud into my apple sauce. Also, I said this was my favorite.

My notes-

1. Most of these characters are short girls- they have to be to fit in the suits. Except for Woody and Buzz and the big guy (Elastagirl’s husband??) edited to add- Mr. Incredible, not sure how I blanked on his name.

2. OMG- those suits probably smell soooo bad inside. Yep, they for sure get sick inside them. EEEW.

3. Character meal characters must be the happiest- cause air conditioning.

4. You have to dance and wear a super heavy head on top of yours- how did I never think about this before?

5. I wish we could tip the characters.

Better than the cover art would seem to predict.

The Ride Delegate: Memoir of a Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide.

Actually, (I Disney-splain you) my other fave. People who hire private guides to jump the line are disappointed to find you can’t, a few groups are super, and the rest are the jerks you would think would have $3000 for such an expenditure. I liked that the author started out assuming she would have a long term career at Disney before the almost inevitable Disney burnout that after a handful of books I can spot at least a chapter ahead of our main character.

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