Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles (Ronan Boyle #1)

This book is my brand, my spirit animal, my current fave among 2019 releases. It pushes all the buttons on what I look for in a read aloud. Plus, it is a perfect read aloud for this St. Patrick’s Day week! Ronan Boyle, a smallish kid, lives in Ireland. His parents are in prison for a crime that they didn’t commit, and he is basically on his own. At fourteen he is the youngest recruit in the secret Garda, an Irish police force that handles the misdeeds of numerous magical creatures. Let that sink in. Magical creatures are so real that humans have a secret army to control them. Squee! In the telling of this original tale, we get introduced to Leprechauns, Trolls, Unicorns, The Land of Tir Na Nog and all the rules governing these creatures (and more). Some of it seems glaringly obvious, like the fact that of course, leprechauns would have long fancy names.
Other tidbits made sense but didn’t occur to me. (Trolls can eat bad children if they have caused- seems legit)Ronan himself is a delight and takes all of this news in and manages to thrive at work. You’ve never seen me happier to see a (#1 designation in a title) I can’t wait to see what Ronan, his parents, and coworkers are up to next. 

Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles by Thomas Lennon

March 5, 2019

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