Home School Hijinks- March 2019

I almost tacked this onto a Reading Nook post. Silly me. There is enough here to entertain you on its own. You see, it’s that time of the year where a homeschool teacher’s thoughts turn to next years plans. Which crazily enough sound way better than slogging through the rest of this years plans. AM I RIGHT?

I know we’ll be continuing with Bookshark for our History and LA. We’ll still be in the middle of Science 6 as we didn’t start that until January so I’m good there too. So that’s that. LOL- of course not.
There is a glitch. As the youngest of 5 kids, Declan has listened to The Story of the World so much he could recite most of it with Jim Weiss’s inflections. (sort of an inside homeschooler joke- but if you’ve read this far you know what I mean)

I love the book selections just not the spine, so subbing a new spine in makes that level workable for us. After a lot of research I ended up landing on:

The Human Odyssey Series-I have my own used copies in hand or on the way. These texts are published by K12. Side note, ironically K12 now subs out high school so they are really K8 in my mind now.

There are three volumes of world history, and I found an American Odyssey volume as well. It looks like now they use Book 1 for 7th grade and Book 2 for 8th grade. Only the American history book is marked 8th grade, and there is a Volume 3 of the World History, so color me confuzzled. This is what I’m going to do with them:

We’re Using Bookshark Level 6 Science this year and although we love the books, we cannot get enough experiments to satisfy the boy. And so, like you do, I started searching for more. I came up with this most excellent ginormous free pdf: Middle School Chemistry published by ACS. It is awesome! We’re starting this week after I gather up some obscure yet common household items that I never seem to have on hand. Thus the beauty of sticking with Bookshark and their awesome premade kit!

I also reworked my Erin Condren Teacher Planner. It has been driving me crazy having to have the book open to see one day of plans. I finally realized that I could sticker the pages differently to suit me. Since I have only one kid and only 5 subjects that I need keep tabs on, it all worked out perfectly. Fingers crossed that next year’s model has a new layout.

And finally, I’m working on a Summer Project. It involves these books. More on that later. I won’t promise you pretty plans, but I will share what we’ll be doing and in what order.

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