The Doughnut King: ARC Review

Doughnuts and a city kid transformed from a transplant into a small town defender in one seamless story. What more could you ask for in a sequel? You don’t need to read The Doughnut Fix (a 2018 Cybils finalist!) to enjoy this story, but I think you should. Kids of all ages will giggle and laugh their way through The Doughnut King. They will also crave doughnuts, spiced butter tea, and cupcakes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We bought these before we knew we could be creating them ourselves.

This story picks up right where the Doughnut Fix leaves off. The doughnut business is a huge success and as great as that is, its hard to keep up with demand. Josh and Tristan rack their brains to figure out what they can do to keep up with their orders. On top of that, Tris knows his parents are struggling financially and the town is too. It is a lot for a couple of kids to handle. Tris ends up entering one of those kids cooking show contests in the hopes that winning will solve all their issues.

Things I loved:

  • All the descriptions of New York and food. Tris knows New York like we know Chicago. Our trips always center around what foods are in that neighborhood and how we can sneak them into our day.
  • The honest way that Jessie writes about Tris and his anxiety. Lots of kids have anxiety and reading about someone else helps.
  • All the family dynamics and how real they are.
  • The fact that there is a doughnut robot in real life. (We had to google to see if it looked like an actual robot)
  • I’m a champion of out of print books but, I’ve got to say how fun it is to read a book so current that I had to show the text emoji’s while reading aloud. There is something sort of great about a book that is clearly set “right now” in time.
We made these!!

This book and its predecessor make great family read alouds. They also inspire baking. Two thumbs up from our house. We’re hoping for a third book!

Pre-order The Doughnut King by Jessie Janowitz before the publication in May 2019.

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