Heads Up- Audible Sale

Of course this post will include affiliate links. I’ll take my 4 cents out of every five dollars you spend as a finders fee for scrolling through all these sale books.The sale started this morning and ends on the 31st at Midnight.

Declan just finished listening to this. Blasted Amazon- I used a whole credit on this baby. It was worth it, but had I known it was going on sale a couple weeks later I would have waited. This series is a great listen for teens (and their parents). Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman
I used this with my daughter when she studied the ancients in high school. We got it through our library, but now for $5 I’m all in as a purchaser. I enjoy Professor Fagan’s humor and as a part of a full Ancients year these lectures were super helpful in showing us what life was really like in Ancient Rome. The History of Ancient Rome by The Great Courses.
Here’s another lecture series we used in High School. If you are using either Sonlight core 100 or Bookshark level 100 this ties in pretty easily to your syllabus. I liked that this series has a bunch of professors so you get a variety of opinions from experts in each time period. The History of the US 2nd edition by The Great Courses.
This book was so cool, and although I own it, Declan prefers to listen to books. The author decided to recreate an Oregon Trail journey. For those adults amongst us who remember The Oregon Trail through the lense of our first video game, this is gold. If you enjoy Bill Bryson this ones for you. I’m going to buy it and use it when we cycle back into American History again. The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck
How about some YA Japanese mythology/fantasy/fairy tale reading? I read this an an ARC and after getting used to the flowery language, I enjoyed this adventure. Owlcrate had it as their monthly selection too so that’s two endorsements for you. Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagaw
This is Michael Crichton’s Beowulf. That’s all you need to know. Obviously for teens and grown up listeners. I’m planning on listening to this right after we read Beowulf and we’ll do a compare/contrast type analysis. I can’t wait! Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton
What a treasure trove of great audio this turned out to be! I read this book with my older boys when they were in high school. What an eye opener. You’ll never read a history book the same way after this. I liked it more than Guns, Germs, and Steel. 1491 by Charles C. Mann
A first hand fireside type accounting of when cultures clash in Oklahoma. I haven’t read or listened to this one. The reviews look great and for $5 I’m sure we’ll learn enough about the other side of American history to make it worthwhile. Empire of the Summer Moon by SC Gwynne
And finally, I’d get myself kicked out of the homeschool club if I didn’t include this book. It’s long and wordy in all the best ways. It worked better as an audio book for my high schoolers of the past so I’m recommending it having paid full price. A whole year of high school Ancient History for $5, you can’t go wrong. The Well Trained Mind even has Parent and Student pages you can buy to go with it. The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer

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