Our Reading Nook March 29, 2019

This post is so overdue. I keep starting it and then bouncing over to something else. I think I have some sort of writing attention deficit disorder. (WADD?) I don’t have it in other areas of my life, just writing.

Whatever I am writing is going along great, and then I get ideas for something I’ve already turned in, or a plot twist for my WIP and then I get a little of a lot of things done instead of finishing one thing at a time like a normal person.

Literally Me. Every Day.

I saw this on Bill Gate’s Goodreads list, and then I started seeing it everywhere. In a nutshell, a woman named Elizabeth Holmes starts a company called Theranos which she says (with no evidence whatsoever) can detect thousands of diseases with only a drop of blood. Lots and lots of people give her millions of dollars, and it is all a scam. It’s true and beyond that plausible, because some people have more money than sense. I think once you get into the gazillion dollar bank balance set you must be willing to take more risks cause these people should have known better but apparently, were taken with her weird husky hypnotic voice. Seriously, click the link and listen. I’d recommend the book from your library, and it is not a re-read.

Austin Kleon wrote both Show Your Work and Steal Like An Artist. Both are quick to read and long to ponder. Austin manages to convey concepts of art and creativity in a simple nonpretentious way. He makes the world of creatives not feel like them and us, but more like here’s how to be part of this artist world no matter what your talent. It feels like you took a motivational speaker and rolled him up with your art guidance counselor. You can check him out on video here. Also, you can pre-order his new book as I did here.

For our Bookshark Level 5 Eastern Hemisphere Study we read:

When you think you’ve taken a great photo but the cat leaves ripped up toilet paper just where it can’t be cropped out.

We listened to 80 days with Audible and Just So Stories was a fun re-read for both of us. Habibi was new and wonderful. The beginning was rocky as my 13 yo boy wasn’t crazy about hearing about some girl’s first kiss. Once we got past that we both enjoyed it. That’s the plus of buying a package, you may re-read or discover a new favorite book.

I read two books about homeschooling. And one needed its own post cause I got carried away with thoughts and feelings.

I would hand this lovely book to anyone starting out or to any homeschool veteran needing a boost of confidence. It’s not just about having less or doing less it is thinking about why you are doing what you do every day. There is some stuff about minimalism and some cool downloadable forms. The book is short and to the point. 4 stars.

Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress (Kindle Edition)


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