Know and Tell: A Book Review

I didn’t know I needed a book on narration until this one popped up on my suggested book list on my kindle. I also didn’t know I needed a book on teaching narration until I read this.

Know and Tell written by Karen Glass is a book about narration. For those who aren’t familiar with the term it is one of the mainstays in most of the Charlotte Mason and Classical homeschool programs.

It seems simple and it is in theory. You read and then your child begins by giving a retelling of what was read. Eventually you move into written narrations and finally your child can write a composition on their own.

Since most of us were not taught through narration it is helpful to the parent/teacher to have some instruction in moving through those steps.

One of the great things about this book is that you can use it for all ages. Got a six-year-old? Cool. How about a 16-year-old? You are covered there too.

Karen walks you through the entire learning process explaining what you should ask of your student and why. She includes prompts for creative narrations, and there are several sections directed to the student. You can hand the book over for older kids or read it aloud to younger kids.

Classical, Lit Based and of course, CM homeschoolers will all find some value in including this book in their teacher self education library.

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