Homeschool Hijinks 4/5/19

Welcome to anyone who is new around these parts! I call these posts “homeschool hijinks” because they consist not only of an update to what we’re actually doing, but usually include things I’m plotting for the future as well.

My pay the bills job is ramping up this week to an overwhelming crescendo and so I started digging up some resources that can be used both in the car or on the go. In other homeschool news I’m thinking about the next thing.

Trigger Warning, Homeschool Parent Yearly Spring Existential Rant begins now:

We’ve got 9 ish weeks left with this history syllabus and although I’m open to stretching it out, we’re whipping through it and I may not have time to come up with awesome filler material. I know I want to use Bookshark Level 6, but their updates aren’t out yet. I get a re-purchase discount if I order from Sonlight (their Christian based sister company) and it is real tempting to just order (save some money) and be getting ready now.

On the other hand, I want to support Bookshark and we own stuff we can use until later in the Summer. I mean what if I order now and then they introduce some awesome new thing? Decisions, decisions. You’ll know what I decide as soon as I do.

In the reality of this actual, current school year we’re on week 27/28 in History and LA. I kicked off studying Africa with this song:

It’s a classic and I don’t want to hear that Weezer version anywhere. And yes, I know that two white movie stars dancing around isn’t a politically correct way to introduce the continent of Africa so don’t @ me. We’ll get to all the horror of history and current events soon enough.

In Science I’m using Bookshark Science 6 (week 11 now) which is entirely planned out for me, and so these additions are purely for fun. We started it midyear and since I’m stretching it out, these extras don’t affect our school year schedule at all.

Soil Science Reader 7th and 8th grade- I found this through Middle School Chemistry.

We’re listening to (or reading) this individually, and then discussing over dinner all together.
We’ll read/listen to this one next.

Stuff Matters and Liquid Rules both written by
Mark Miodownik are the perfect addition to our Chemistry unit. Both are free on Kindle Unlimited and are available on Audible where we are listening to them now. I just found out that one of these is included in Bookshark 8 which I’m hoping we’ll get to, honestly it has put me in an entire rethinking mood as I try and decide which level to do next. Maybe we capitalize on this interest and go back to world history in high school? Good thing I haven’t ordered yet.

I know you’ve seen this on Pinterest for years, but I finally have a kid who wants to play Periodic Table Battleship.

Declan’s listening to City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab in his free time. We’ve been discussing “the veil” in the story which brought up String Theory, so I’m searching out some resources to study that a bit more next week!

I think his next audio book might be Sal and Gabi break the Universe? it’s still undetermined. In school we’re reading King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. Some of the readers are out of order cause I try to get them as audiobooks from the library first and then if I can’t, I’ll check Audible or read them aloud myself. By that time, we’re off the daily schedule a bit. It’s fine.


  1. You have an awesome homeschool.

    I loved sonlight/bookshark. Such excellent book options. But it was like swallowing a fire hydrant of content.

    That period table of elements game looks clever. I’ll have to do that with my ten year old.

    Liked by 1 person

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